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Gold River Housing - Housing for your needs!

Welcome to the Parkview Apartments located in the stunning town of Gold River! With affordable rentals being few and far between in many cities, and even in the quiet town of Gold River, these rentals may be the perfect fit for you. Centrally located, close to the main shopping plaza, deli, and park, there are 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments becoming available as they are being renovated. These apartments are perfectly suited for families, couples, working professionals, senior residents and anything in between. There are also many ground floor apartments available for people who have mobility and accessibility challenges.

With a long and interesting history behind these apartments, many of them were abandoned especially after the mill was shut down in Gold River. Unfortunately, most of the apartments fell into a state of decay due to many years of neglect, but as the new owners, we are putting a lot of love and care into renovating the buildings. We are trying to bring them back to their former glory, one building and one apartment at a time. With 8 buildings and almost 100 apartments, spread across 5 acres of land, there is an apartment for everybody!

Surrounded by tall trees, sparkling rivers, and beautiful mountains, you don’t want to miss living in such a beautiful place. Please contact us to come check out the Parkview Apartments today!

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